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At IOX, we truly believe that Technology makes it possible, but it's people who make it happen.

As part of the IOX Team, we offer a dynamic work environment where you’ll benefit from working with other innovators from around the globe who are driving meaningful change to our customers and the Telecom industry.

We at IOX strongly believe that team-work and professionalism coupled with passion are the key ingredients for success in the industry.

Whether you're getting ready for the world or work, supporting someone who's starting their career, looking for an apprentice or graduate placement,there's lots of ways that we can help.

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Contract Management [Job id: 101/Sep/2017]

Minimum 7 years of experience

Contracts (various: including formal, short form, and annual contracts)—Drafting, Evaluation, Negotiation and Execution:

• Non-Disclosure Agreements, Sales / Purchasing Agreements, Sub-contracts, Consulting Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Master Agreements, review of customer proposed terms and conditions

• Distribution Agreements (resellers, agents, joint marketing etc.)

• Commercial and Public (Federal, State and Local Municipalities) Contracting

Serve as the point of contact for customers on contractual matters. Act as contractual “middleman” between company employees and customers, ensuring timely review and approval / reconciliation of variations.

On all standard and nonstandard contracts, provide redlined recommendations and often negotiate directly with customer attorneys or purchasing staff until consensus has been reached

Maintain contractual records and documentation such as receipt and control of all contract correspondence, customer contact information sheets, contractual changes, status reports and other documents for all projects.

As needed, provide guidance on contract matters to project managers or other operational staff, including training to new project managers and other employees in contracting practices and procedures.

Develop and implement procedures for contract management and administration in compliance with company policy. As appropriate, contribute to or influence company policies. Monitor compliance by company employees with established procedures.Identify areas of recurrent pressure.

Work with Risk Management Department / Finance to coordinate contractual insurance requirements. Work with Finance to ensure adherence to broader finance and risk requirements such as revenue recognition, pricing and discounting policies, export controls etc. May include ‘financial engineering’ and understanding / evaluating economic impact of terms and term options.

Support Product Management / Marketing to ensure company products and services are offered with appropriate, competitive terms and conditions. Monitor competitive terms. Monitor customer satisfaction with our terms and conditions and contracting practices. Recommend changes.

Ensure that signed contracts are communicated to all relevant parties to provide contract visibility and awareness, interpretation to support implementation. Handle on-going issue and change management. Monitor transaction compliance (milestones, deliverables, invoicing etc.)

Oversee Service Level Agreement Compliance. Ensure contract close-out, extension or renewal.

Finance Controller [Job id: 102/Sep/2017]

Minimum 12 years of experience

•Oversee all company accounts and investments

•Create monthly and annual reports to identify results, trends, and financial forecasts

•Manage cash flow by tracking transactions and regularly reviewing internal reports

•Supervise and manage financial department staff, including accountants and financial assistants

•Motivate and lead finance team members by clarifying roles and providing helpful feedback

•Suggest updates and improvements for accounting systems, including payroll and invoicing

•Ensure that all financial transactions are properly recorded, filed, and reported

•Establish and implement financial reporting systems to comply with government regulations and legislation

•Collaborate with auditing services to ensure proper compliance with all regulations

•Develop budgets and financial plans for the company based on research and data reports

•Review all financial plans and budgets regularly to look for cost reduction opportunities

•Examine all financial reports and data closely to check for discrepancies

•Create systems to prevent errors in data collection and calculations

•Report to the CFO with timely and accurate financial information

•Assist the CFO in presenting reports to senior executives, stakeholders, and board members.

Financial Analyst [Job id: 103/Sep/2017]

We are looking for a Financial Analyst to provide accurate and data based information on company’s profitability, solvency, stability and liquidity. You will research and analyze financial information to help company make well informed decisions, write reports and monitor financial movements.


•Consolidate and analyze financial data (budgets, income statement forecasts etc) taking into account company’s goals and financial standing

•Provide creative alternatives and recommendations to reduce costs and improve financial performance

•Assemble and summarize data to structure sophisticated reports on financial status and risks

•Develop financial models, conduct benchmarking and process analysis

•Conduct business studies on past, future and comparative performance and develop forecast models

•Identify trends, advise company and recommend actions to a senior financial analyst based on sound analysis

•Track and determine financial status by analyzing actual results in comparison with forecasts

•Reconcile transactions by comparing and correcting data

•Gain and update job knowledge to remain informed about novelty in the field

•Consult with management to guide and influence long term and strategic decision making within the broadest scope

•Drive process improvement and policy development initiatives that impact the function


•Proven working experience as a finance analyst

•Proficient in spreadsheets, databases, MS Office and financial software applications

•Hands on experience with statistical analysis and statistical packages

•Outstanding presentation, reporting and communication skills

•Proven knowledge of financial forecasting and diagnosis, corporate finance and information analysis

•Well informed in current financial subjects, accounting, tax laws, money market and business environments

•Masters’ degree in Finance, Economics or related field

Open Access Cable System

Our network will provide a Gateway to Africa as well as to the rest of the world by leveraging our industry connects and partnerships with multiple cable systems and ensure access to a variety of content hosted in these geographies. This will open up opportunities for customers to establish valuable linkages across geographies and industries.

Our network system enables access to multiple service providers resulting in the end-customer experiencing the diversity, value and top notch quality.