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Our Network

Low Latency Networks

Network latency is the time it takes for data to traverse a network. A variety of sources contributes to latency, including network congestion, serialization, over-utilized routers, and firewalls. The primary source of latency is fibre distance.

The most commonly used metric used to express latency is the round trip delay (RTD). RTD is the time required for signal to travel to and fro.

Industries such as financial firms, content providers, cloud computing providers, gaming, and Video necessitates low latency to provide a seamless customer experience and more so with the data and application explosion in recent times.

Our Network is the state of the art design incorporating recent technology innovations resulting in lower latencies, which promise to cater for high-speed applications across various industries.

We believe that our network will act as an enabler for these industries to realise their business objectives of scale, speed, and best-in-class performance.

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Designed capacity of multiple tera bits per second

As the world is moving towards higher acceptance of smart phones, big data, cloud based applications, and the internet of things, we believe that there will be a huge demand for data and consumption of content across multiple industries and geographies.

Our system with multiple terabits-per-second of capacity will provide a paradigm shift and transformation to industries in improving business efficiencies, enabling revenue acceleration and speed-up new markets exploration.

IOX design capacity is 13.5 Tbps per fibre pair
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Globally Competitive and Cost Effective.

We believe in innovation and agility which enables us to offer competitive pricing to our customers which will help them obtain a value for money, sustaining growth and achieving business objectives across geography and generations.

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Design Life of 25 Years

Our system is designed to address seamlessly the demand of capacity over the period of 25 years, ensuring scalable capacity transformation at a faster lead-time while retaining industry bench-mark service quality. This will ensure revenue assurance and customer experience by catering to dynamic and changing requirements of customers.

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Open Access Cable System

Our network will provide a Gateway to Africa as well as to the rest of the world by leveraging our industry connects and partnerships with multiple cable systems and ensure access to a variety of content hosted in these geographies. This will open up opportunities for customers to establish valuable linkages across geographies and industries.

Our network system enables access to multiple service providers resulting in the end-customer experiencing the diversity, value and top notch quality.

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