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IOX Transformation Services

Submarine Network Operations

IOX Transformation Services have a wide experience in planning, engineering, managing construction, operating and commercializing undersea fiber optic telecommunication infrastructures.

Our subsea managed network operations solution consists of expertise and competency in managing operations of the network administrator, restoration operations, maintenance operations & NOC Operations.

Marine Support:

Desktop Study, Survey Assistance, Permits & Liaising, Pre and Post lay support, Project Management, Marine Testing & Documentation

System Deployment Services:

Submarine Network Commissioning, CLS build, NOC build, Training, Tools & Processes

Subsea Engineering Services:

Network Design, Technical Evaluation, Network Administartor and Capacity Planning, Upgrade & Migration, System Engineering

OAM Services:

NOC, CLS Operation, Quality Management, Marine Operation Liaising, IT Support

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Network & Services

IOX is a provider of managed network operations, network outsourcing and consultancy services to telecommunication companies around the world. Together with our clients & partners, we create and deliver business, technology, and operational solutions including but not limited to network engineering, planning & design, and implementational functions.

Network Engineering:

Planning and Design, Network Implementation, Network rationalisation & Modernisation, Capacity Management, Project Management, Migration, Lab Test Services, Supplier Evaluation

Service Assurance:

Service Operations Center, Fault Management (L2), Infrastructure monitoring, Performamce & SLA Management, Technical Assistant Centre (L3 NOC), Quality Management , Field Services

Service Fullfilment:

Access Management, Order management, Provisioning and Acceptance Test, Disconnects, Service Change Request


Network Audit & Compliance, Process Consultation, Mergers & Acquisition

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Network Audit and Consultancy

IOX provides best-in-class consultancy and manpower for planning, designing and migration for technology transformation across various geographies. We leverage our telecom domain expertise to ensure smooth and seamless transition.

IOX provides following services for network and process transformation:





Mergers & Acquisition

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Unified Communications & Collaboration

Unified Communications & Collaboration, popularly known as UCC, brings together the communications tools that people use daily such as voice, e-mail, instant messaging, presence, click-to-dial, conferencing and video into a single interface.

IOX provides following services for UCC:

Engineering & Planning

Service Assurance

Service Fullfilment


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Access for multiple services providers

Our network system enables access to multiple service providers resulting in the end-customer experiencing the diversity, value and top notch quality

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Open Access Cable System

Our network will provide a Gateway to Africa as well as to the rest of the world by leveraging our industry connects and partnerships with multiple cabel systems and ensuring access to a variety of content hosted in these geographies. This will open up opportunities for customers to establish valuable linkages across geographies and industries.

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